The C.G. Jung Institute of New York

The C.G. Jung Institute of New York offers a post-graduate clinical training program to prepare qualified persons for a professional practice in Jungian analysis. It is designed to meet the requirements for New York State licensure as a Psychoanalyst. The Training Program aims to graduate an analyst with personal and professional competence in both theory and clinical practice. Throughout training, the candidate will engage in personal analysis, supervised clinical practice and small classes that approach analytic work from a broad perspective. The curriculum provides an intensive study of the theories and practice of C.G. Jung and his followers, along with contemporary Jungian thought. Analytical psychology is studied in the context of an evolving psychological field wherein basic assumptions about human nature are critically assessed and applied to clinical theory and methods of practice.

The basic training philosophy, institutional policies, and teaching methods are geared towards open dialogue and critical discussion within a small class structure. The teaching and supervising faculty is distinguished with extensive clinical experience and backgrounds from a variety of disciplines.

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