Referral Service Coordinator: Dr. Maurice Krasnow
Telephone: 1-646-522-6922
E-mail address: jungreferrals@gmail.com

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Who we are

The Jung Professional Referral Service, sponsored by the New York Association for Analytical Psychology, provides a free, confidential service that assists in the process of finding a Jungian psychotherapist or psychoanalyst. The Referral Service can also help with selecting a Jungian supervisor. Our highly-trained psychotherapists and analysts represent a wide range of backgrounds and expertise and are committed to helping individuals with a variety of issues. We offer services to adults of all ages. Some also work with children and adolescents. While all analysts work with individuals, other choices such as couple, group, and family therapies are also available.

Our history

For over 50 years the Referral Service of the New York Association for Analytical Psychology has been assisting people in finding a Jungian analyst or psychotherapist by providing a sensitive, supportive, and strictly confidential consultation with an experienced, qualified professional Jungian analyst.

What types of problems do we treat?

A wide range of concerns that are both complex and unique may be brought to psychotherapy and Jungian analysis. Treatment may be undertaken to resolve current difficulties or changes in life adjustment, to explore one’s past history in greater depth, to improve the quality of living with one’s self and others, or to seek possibilities for the future. Some of the more common issues are:

  • Depression and stress in area of everyday life
  • Lack of satisfaction in relationships, or marital and family conflicts
  • Stage of life issues such as parenting, mid-life concerns, and later-life readjustments
  • Grief and mourning, and unresolved losses
  • Issues related to trauma and abuse
  • Feelings of low self-esteem, poor self-confidence, or a general lack of motivation
  • Dissatisfaction with your career choice, work productivity, or achieving your goals
  • A feeling that your are unable to be yourself because of excessive self-criticism, inhibitions, or phobias
  • Self-defeating patterns, compulsive behaviors, or difficulty controlling your impulses or anger
  • Concerns about your identity, body image or general attractiveness
  • Questions that go beyond your current life situation, and seek to find a greater depth of understanding and an enhanced satisfaction in living.

Finding a therapist?

Finding the right psychotherapist or analyst can be a daunting task. The Referral Service Coordinator will help you through the process. Preferences that you might have about the style of therapist, whether male or female, the fees you can afford along with your insurance coverage, the times you have available for therapy, the most convenient office location, and the level of qualification, experience and expertise you require are all taken into account when you contact us.

Our psychotherapists and Jungian analysts represent a range of specialties, and are well-trained, experienced, mature professionals with diverse academic backgrounds in the mental health fields of social work, psychology, medicine, and pastoral counseling, as well as in the fields of religion, literature, and the arts. All our analysts have also completed a rigorous post-graduate training program in Jungian analysis at a certified training institute. Our carefully selected professionals maintain their own private practices, are licensed in the State of New York or in their home State of practice, and they uphold the highest standards of professional practice.

How do I start the process?

There is no fee for using the services of the Jung Professional Referral Service. Once you initiate contact by telephone or e-mail, the Referral Service Coordinator will return your call or message within 24 hours. You and the Coordinator will talk by phone about how to best address your personal situation. An in-person consultation may be arranged. Within a week, you will be referred to a psychotherapist or Jungian analyst whom you can contact. The Coordinator will have already spoken with the therapist or analyst prior to your contacting them to ensure their suitability for you and their availability.

How much does psychotherapy or Jungian analysis cost?

Fees for psychotherapy and analysis vary. Many therapists and analysts try to make therapy affordable and offer a sliding scale. Or you may decide to request a senior analyst at their standard fees. In the initial consultation with the Referral Service Coordinator your financial circumstances will be considered. The Coordinator maintains information about the range of fees that are charged. Most therapists and analysts do not accept direct insurance payments, however they will complete the insurance forms for you to submit to the insurance company.

Low-cost Jungian therapy is also available with a candidate-in-training at the C. G. Jung Institute of New York. Candidates are supervised by experienced, licensed Jungian analysts who are professional members of the New York Association for Analytical Psychology. For more information you may visit their website by clicking on the following link: C.G. Jung Institute Low-Fee Referral Service.

The Jung Professional Referral Service is committed to helping you find the best possible psychotherapy or Jungian analysis.

Where we are located?

The therapists and Jungian analysts affiliated with the Jung Professional Referral Service are primarily located in the greater New York area, including Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut and New Jersey. In most cases, the Referral Service Coordinator can also make a specific referral to a qualified Jungian analyst located in states beyond the New York area, in Canada, in Mexico, and in many other countries. Every effort will be made to find you a therapist who is convenient to your location.

How to contact us

If you would like to take advantage of this free service and find a Jungian analyst, psychotherapist, or Jungian supervisor, please contact the Referral Service Coordinator:

Dr. Maurice Krasnow

at 1 (646) 522-6922 or

by e-mail at jungreferrals@gmail.com.

We welcome your questions. Your confidentiality and privacy will be assured.

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