Journal of Jungian Theory and Practice

In order to encourage the vitality of Analytical Psychology, the C.G. Jung Institute publishes The Journal of Jungian Practice and Theory twice yearly. The Journal includes:

  • Clinical, theoretical, and archetypal articles that develop and reformulate the clinical aspects of Jung’s work and apply them to practice.
  • Articles that discuss issues related to training and supervision, especially those unique to the training of Jungian analysts, such as curriculum, candidate selection, relations between candidates and training institutions, differences between analysis and supervision.
  • Articles that use Jungian psychology to illuminate issues related to professional life, such as ethics, relations between societies and colleagues.
  • Lectures that relate to clinical matters and professional practice.
  • In-depth discussions of clinical and professional issues raised in books and other media.

The Institute publishes and distributes over 3,000 copies of the Journal free of charge to all Jungian analysts and analysts-in-training in the United States, to all members of the International Association for Analytical psychology, and to those interested professionals in the United States who request a copy.

For more information contact the editor, Soren Ekstrom, Ph.D.: