About The New York Association for Analytical Psychology


The New York Association for Analytical Psychology (NYAAP) is a professional society of Jungian analysts practicing primarily in the greater New York metropolitan area, but also throughout the United States and Canada. A charter member of The International Association for Analytical Psychology, NYAAP plays a leading role in both the local and international Jungian communities.


About The New York Association for Analytical PsychologyNYAAP emerged as the direct professional successor to the first Jungian organizations in the United States, the Analytical Psychology Club and the C.G. Jung Foundation. These groups were founded by three physicians who had analyzed and studied with Jung in Switzerland: Eleanor Bertine, Kristine Mann, and Esther Harding. The Analytical Psychology Club was formed in New York in 1936 as a forum for the discussion of Jung’s ideas. In 1963 Harding founded the C.G. Jung Foundation to present Analytical Psychology to the public on a national level, to train analysts, and to establish a library. NYAAP was also formed at that time as the official professional association in the New York area. In 1973 NYAAP became the sponsor of the analytic training program, The C.G. Jung Institute of New York, in order to separate it from the lay activities of the Foundation, and to achieve eligibility for educational accreditation.


Since its formation NYAAP members have furthered Jung’s work by contributing on both local and international levels through the training of analysts, and the dissemination and development of Jung’s ideas in their teaching, lecturing, and publication of significant books and articles. NYAAP’s members are notable for their efforts to integrate archetypal and mythological theory with developmental and clinical theory.


The aims of NYAAP are:

  1. To set and encourage the maintenance of high standards in the training of Jungian analysts and practice of Analytical Psychology.
  2. To promote study and research relating to Analytical Psychology.
  3. To hold professional and business meetings of its members.
  4. To provide an affiliation for its members with The International Association for Analytical Psychology.
  5. To contribute to and participate in the regional, national, and international life of the analytical community.
  6. To promote collegial fellowship among practicing Jungian analysts.
  7. To maintain the Jung Professional Referral Service, serving individuals seeking personal assistance in finding a Jungian analyst, a psychotherapist, or a supervisor.

NYAAP regularly offers lectures and discussion groups to its professional members in order to foster professional development and the advancement of Jungian theory.

Current Officers

President: Lorie Paulson, LCSW, LP

Vice-President: Gary Brown, LCSW, LP

Secretary: Linda Holahan, EdD, MSN, CS, LP

Treasurer: Kendrick Norris, STM, MDiv, PhD